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“Tina has truly helped me change my life! She is incredibly knowledgeable on health and fitness among, many other things and is a great coach! Although I suffer from hypothyroidism, Tina always made me feel motivated that I could get healthy and was so kind and supportive throughout the process. I now feel way more energetic, balanced, and simply amazing overall!” ~ Nicole
“I spent years yo-yo dieting. I tried failed diet after failed diet. I would lose a little, but then gain it all back – and more. I was incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t keep the weight OFF and each diet felt like WORK! They were too restrictive and difficult to follow with my busy schedule. I came to Tina and she put an end to my struggles. She created a program that worked for my life. She taught me how to make better choices and helped me create a balanced lifestyle. I now maintain my weight, feel amazing and the best part is, thanks to Tina, I will NEVER DIET AGAIN!” ~ Christine
“Tina helped guide my life down a healthier, more active and positive path. She looked at me as a unique individual and made suggestions based on my preferences, goals and personal needs. Not only has Tina coached me on how to make healthy eating choices and create enjoyable exercise routines, she has also helped me maintain a positive attitude throughout the process. If you are someone who is looking to better your health, I highly recommend Tina!”  ~ Theresa
“I needed to lose some weight that I had gained after loosing a great deal of weight two years ago. I didn’t want to gain it all back. Tina helped me get my food choices under control with tips and strategies. She helped me get in control of the sugar addiction I had developed. I lost 10lbs in 10 weeks and I am thrilled!!! I could not have done it without Tina.” ~ Ellen


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