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Tina is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. It is her passion to educate, motivate and support others to achieve their health goals, in a balanced and sustainable way. She works with individuals who are confused about what to eat, are fed up with restrictive diets that don’t work, and are ready for change. She guides her clients towards better health by teaching them how to nourish themselves through proper food choices, improve their habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Tina’s specialties include, but are not limited to:
*Intuitive eating

*Weight loss and weight management (without restrictive diets!)
*Repairing your relationship with food and establishing better eating habits
*Techniques for managing stress and emotions, without turning to food
*Sports nutrition // Proper nutrition for fitness goals & athletic performance
*Detoxification & Digestive wellness
*Understanding & managing cravings
*Healthy cooking & meal planning
*Creating lifestyle habits for long-term health

If you’re ready to:
~Finally free yourself from your health and weight struggles
~Make nutrition less confusing
~Live a healthier and happier lifestyle

I would love to work with you! Send me an email at and I’ll get back to you personally! 🙂

A little more about me:
~I will never tell my clients not to eat something they love! I know that any nutritional protocol that cuts out foods completely or is over restrictive won’t work stick long-term. I firmly believe that moderation and balance is the key for long-lasting success! Plus, any diet that deprives you of bread, pizza or chocolate is just plain cruel!

~Having gone on my own rollercoaster ride with food, diets and weight, I have a deep understanding of the struggles that many of my clients deal with. Luckily, I have developed the tools that will allow you to achieve your goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

~I have a thirst for knowledge (aka I’m a nerd!). I’m constantly reading, researching and learning the latest discoveries within the health and wellness industry so I can best support my clients.

~In addition to my Health Coaching certification, I am also a certified Group Fitness Instructor and certified Spinning instructor. Ironically, I hated fitness growing up and I did everything in my power to avoid gym class. But as I grew older, I found workouts that I enjoyed doing and fell in love with fitness!

~I can spend hours browsing the aisles of Whole Foods and health food stores. I’m a total health foodie, but could also just as easily live on sushi and froyo for the rest of my life.



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