Eat this, not that: sprouted bread

We all know by now that whole grains are better for your health, but why eat sprouted bread over white or even whole grain breads?

Eat This Not That!
sprouted bread

Why eat sprouted bread? Grain seeds are naturally protected in an outer coating. This coating is difficult to break down and keeps the nutrients locked inside. The sprouting process involves soaking the grains to break down this protective coat, releasing its nutrients. This process also makes sprouted breads easier for you to digest and to absorb and utilize the vitamins and minerals!

The sprouting process also results in lower carbohydrates and higher protein and fiber profile. Sprouted bread also tend to have lower levels of gluten, which is important for those with gluten sensitivity.

sprouted bread

Benefits of Sprouted Grains: 
-Unlocks valuable nutrients like vitamin B12, zinc, iron, b-vitamins, and magnesium
-Improves digestibility by decreasing enzymes inhibitors/anti-nutrients
-Increases protein and fiber content and reduces gluten content

Some of my favorite brands of sprouted bread include:
Food for Life Ezekiel breadsprouted breadSilver Hills Bakerysprouted breadAlvarado Street Bakery

sprouted bread
Angelic Bakehouse

sprouted bread


Try different brands to see which you like best!

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